Hi, im Tiffany. I'm from Philippines and this is my new obsession ---> tumblr.com

I love "MUSIC" because it is my comfort zone. I love pets especially cats. I really love cats and guess what i love garfield too... =) I love to sing (kareoke) together with my friends. I am obsessed with movies and TV series. I would appreciate it if someone will give me a title of a nice movie so that i could watch it also. I prefer Stefan than Damon. If you know them please follow me. haha... I love to play badminton and table tennis. I love my family and my boyfriend so much. ♥__♥. I have a sister and whenever we go outside together, its funny people will always asked if are we twins or not. But we are not twins. Ok. I don't smoke and i don't drink. I believed in hopes and dreams. Someday I want to have my own treehouse. I always dream of traveling everywhere with my friends, families, loved ones and my boyfriend.

I strongly believe in these sayings:

"Keep believing because everything happens for a reason" and "Always believe in yourself or else nobody will believe in you".

If i followed you that means i liked your blog. ^___^

I hope you'll enjoy!

*Photos posted are not my own unless i said so*
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